Please note: All sizes are approximate. The circumference of the neck does not vary greatly between ages. For example, my two year old's neck measures 28 cm, and my 6 year old niece's neck measures the same. The same tie (size small) fits both of them. The ties are adjustable and can be adjusted to fit most children. But some children depending on existing medical conditions may have a larger measurment requiring a teen size or larger.If you have any questions or concerns about what sizing to choose for your child, please Contact Us with a measurement of your child's neck and I will help arrange for the correct fit.
* Custom Order Adult ties or for specialty sizing require a neck measurement to be made, and might only be available in certain prints. Please Contact Us for more information or if you have any questions in regards to Custom Orders.

Measurement in cm Measurement in inches Size
up to 28 cm up to 11 inches Preemie (same size as xs but has a shorter neck pad)
up to 28 cm up to 11 inches X small (newborn to age 2)
28-33 cm 11-13 inches Small (toddler/child)
33-39 cm 13-15 inches Medium (teen)
39 cm + 15 cm + Large (adult) *custom order, measurement needed