About Us

I'm a proud mom of Graham, a 13-year old bundle of energy who also happens to have a trach tube and a G-button. When Graham was a baby, I was disappointed by the lack of variety when it came to medical supplies for babies, toddlers and children. Graham's trach ties in particular were the worst -- sterile carbon copies of medical supplies made for adults.

As any mom will agree, when you have a little one, you want to show them off in cute, child-friendly designs and patterns and bright, vibrant colours. When I was unsuccessful in finding any fashionable tracheostomy ties, I decided to take matters into my own hands -- literally! That's when Trendy Trachs was born. As an avid quilter, I love beautiful fabric and rich, brilliant colour. A few prototypes later, I made my first Trendy Trach tie, and I knew this was a product that other trach moms would want to know about. And it has! 
I believe that kids with special needs deserve cute, fun and fashionable accessories too. I also know how important quality and good value is to moms. Trendy Trach ties are adorable and fashionable and come in a variety of baby- and kid-friendly designs from bold prints to sweet pastels. They're made from the highest-quality cotton fabric, ensuring that they are comfortable against tender skin and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy toddler, child or teen, as well as regular washing.

My ties are also environmentally friendly. Instead of just throwing those disposable, overpriced ties away, Trendy Trach ties can be washed and re-used again and again. And best of all, kids and moms love the bright colours and fun prints!

Trendy Trachs is located in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, a city of graceful bridges which overarch the swirling South Saskatchewan river. My central location allows me to ship anywhere in Canada quickly and efficiently, and I also ship to the US and internationally.

It's been 10 years since I first started Trendy Trachs. Thousands of ties later and two more additions to our little family: Grahams siblings, Elliot and Quinn, and Im still committed to this little venture. Profitable? nope. I don't do it for that. But the smiles on the little faces and joy I read in the emails, priceless.