Care of your Ties


Our straps can be washed either by hand or by machine, however we suggest you hand wash them to prolong the life of the strap. Hand wash in warm water with a mild or scent-free soap (I prefer Tide Free and Clear) and hang to dry. If you choose to machine wash, use the gentle cycle with a baby or scent-free detergent  and again, hang to dry. Your Ties will become stiff over time, occasionally rinse them with a bit of fabric softener (I use Purex Ultra Sensitive Skin) and rinse well.
Be sure to adhere the Velcroâ„¢ ties to the strap, or you might find the strap sticks to other laundry or lint sticks to the strap.
*Though Trendy Trachs are meant to be washed and reused many times, like all things they are prone to wear and tear over time. After each washing, carefully check your Trendy Trach tie to ensure stitching is secure and fabric is not overly worn. Do not use if tie shows signs of excessive wear. Trendy Trach offers a 30-day guarantee, provided proper washing instructions are followed.
*If you are using silver nitrate to treat granulation tissue dont use a trendy trach tie. Use a plain old posey or other tie until you are finished treatment. The tie could be stained or it could break down the cotton, weakening the tie.
*Trendy Trachs is not a medical supply company, I am just a mom that makes a product that works better for my little guy and I thought I'd share that with others. Although the ties work for many people, they may not work for you or your child. You will be using the ties at your own risk with knowledge that I am not licensed by Canada Health or by U.S FDA.